Overseas businesses setting up a UK Company?

As accountants based in the City of London we have considerable experience of helping businesses like yours establish a strong presence in the United Kingdom

As accountants based in the City of London we have considerable experience of helping businesses like yours establish a strong presence in the United Kingdom.

Growing numbers of companies from the world’s major trading regions now choose us to set up their British operations. They do so because we deliver high quality support, while keeping costs to a minimum.

“Whether you are starting out in business or are established, you cannot ignore technology to help you communicate, run and manage your business.”

“If you want just a number cruncher then go elsewhere. If you want a company that shows an interest in what you do and can offer day to day advice on the in’s and out’s of tax and pretty much anything else business related then Numerion are your people. They have even gone as far as to come to meetings with us, not your average Accountants! ”

Zoe Hine | Managing Director
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But our specialist support doesn’t stop there

We make your investment go further

If you’re planning a move into the UK market, there are many ways we can help.

For example, we can:

  • carry out feasibility research
  • set up a limited company on your behalf
  • find suitable premises for you
  • guide you in the recruitment of local staff
  • advise you on how to employ people from outside the UK
  • provide you with useful local business contacts
  • ensure you comply fully with UK tax and transfer pricing law.

Legal and regulatory requirements


With your UK business up and running we can also take care of your ongoing administrative needs. That includes handling bookkeeping and payroll, as well as preparing your VAT returns, management and annual accounts.

While we steer you safely past the complexities of UK accounting, you’ll be free to focus on your core business activities. You can relax knowing an expert team of City of London accountants is protecting your vital interests within the UK’s legal and regulatory environment.


Why consider setting up a UK business


As the world’s seventh largest economy and a country of more than 60 million people, the UK offers great opportunities for you to reach new customers and clients.

When you set up a UK company, you also gain access to the other 26 nations of the European Union. This means you’ll be operating inside the world’s largest trading block, a marketplace comprising of almost half a billion consumers.

If you get it right, the rewards can be significant. And our experienced team are dedicated to helping you achieve your business objectives. They’ll ensure every step of your entry into the UK market is handled smoothly and cost effectively.

By choosing Numerion you’ll be joining the many overseas businesses that have successfully launched a UK subsidiary with our help. They include companies from a broad range of sectors including IT, healthcare, shipping, construction and financial services.


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Profit from having your own experienced ‘wing-man’ without the cost of hiring one


Providing solutions to fit your business with full knowledge that the day to day compliance needs are handled by qualified experts


Annual financial accounts prepared by qualified chartered accountants providing creditability and act as a business passport to opportunities

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